OakRiver Automation Products

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OakRiver Technology’s line of dip coaters applies hydrophilic coatings onto catheters, guidewires and other medical devices, with performance, features and size unmatched in the industry. Two primary dip coating platforms exist: automated and semi-automated.

The DC100X & DC200 are part of the automated platform which offers a two-station rotary platform with a load/dip/dry station in parallel with a dry/cure station to maximize manufacturing productivity. The semi-automatic platform consists of the DC10 & DC20; these dip coaters have been engineered specifically for low-volume applications, resulting in a robust, cost-effective coating system. Both platforms can accommodate single solution or dual-solution coating applications to provide additional flexibility to your operations.

Accompanying the line of dip coaters is the DL1000 Durability & Lubricity Test System. The DL1000 provides accurate, reliable measurement of the durability and lubricity of hydrophilic coatings on catheters and guidewires.

Optional accessories, upgrades, customizations are available for OakRiver Technology’s products.

In October of 2007, OakRiver Technology established a partnership with SurModics to provide advanced medical device coating equipment for their surface modification technologies. Please contact us to discuss your coating requirements.